Fluid Audio is a company that specializes in studio monitors, audio, and speakers. The company was founded in 2011 by Kevin Zuccaro, a loudspeaker engineer, recording enthusiast and musician. His interest in audio began in 1990 while working at JBL, which was where he acquired his knowledge in speaker development from the ground up. During his time at JBL, he worked on hi-fi products, cinema projects, and speaker drivers (these things helped develop his well-rounded approach to speaker design). However, when he came home from work, he would play his guitar and spend hours doing what he always loved doing: create music and develop tools that would help him achieve his ultimate goal.

In 1998, Kevin started working at Cerwin-Vega, there, he worked on portable PA and hi-fi systems, and learned more about speaker development. But it wasn't until the year 2005, when he was hired by M-Audio that he had the chance to focus all his efforts on powered studio monitors. He managed Avid's entire studio monitor segment, and had the freedom to create and voice all the monitors of M-Audio. This helped him better understand the studio workflow -- finding ways to integrate what he had learned into it. Soon after Kevin left M-Audio in 2011, he started his own company, Fluid Audio.

Fluid Audio products are divided into five categories: Bluetooth Series, Classic Series, Fader Series, Fader Pro Series, and PA Series. For those who are interested or have questions or comments, they can use the official website's contact form to get in touch with a Fluid Audio staff. Studio monitors are specialized loudspeakers specifically designed and engineered for audio production applications.

Disclaimer: This is not the official site of Fluid Audio. This is only a fan page.