Jörg at Amazona.de har reviewed the Image 2 3-way studio monitor. 

“The first thing you notice when listening to it is the immense clarity of the midrange: It’s exciting that the most inconspicuous driver in the fluid stands out in particular. The transition to the AMT in the treble range is very well done and sounds extremely homogeneous. 
A few words about the Cubemix mode, in which the lateral bass is deactivated and the 5 inch chassis mutates into a bass-midrange driver.
This mode surprised me positively, because in my experience, some speakers then turn into a speaker that sounds too thin without any bass. Not so the fluid: the depth and volume are significantly less, but you can still compare the sound with a mid-range monitor with a 5-inch woofer. Since the Image 2 is already very compact, the spatial representation does not change. A good solution if you can’t set up two pairs of monitors.”

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