Fluid Audio Image 2 Reference Studio Monitor


“Its outstanding bass
and ability to play loud,
apparently without
realistic limit, will be
hugely valuable in many
recording and mix

Sound on Sound



“The Image 2s offer
performance and facilities
beyond their price and if, like me,
you like 3-way monitors and
generous, well behaved bass then
you should check these out.”

Production Expert


“The Image 2 monitors
by Fluid Audio are remarkable.
The fast transient response and
rich lows are addictive for both
mixing and general listening.
Fluid Audio nailed it with
the Image 2 monitors”

Recording Magazine

Fluid Audio Image 2 Front

Fluid Audio’s Image 2 Reference Studio Monitor provides a flat response with generous headroom, is easy to integrate, and delivers full-range, highly stable low end.

The Image 2 is a three‑way active nearfield/midfield monitor that deploys dual side‑firing 200mm (8‑inch) bass drivers in a sealed‑box cabinet, a 130mm (5‑inch) midrange driver, and an asymmetric‑waveguide‑loaded AMT (air motion transformer) ‑style 28 x 43mm ribbon tweeter.

The AMT tweeter is horn loaded and mechanically time-aligned with the mid driver. Combining both hardware design and DSP, Fluid Audio has made a seamless integration between the mid woofer and the tweeter.

The proprietary AMT delivers quick dynamics and an ultra-clear high frequency transient response, expanding the atmospheric sound stage to an ultra-wide and deep work area.

The 130mm (5″) aluminum midrange driver incorporates a shorting ring within the motor structure for lower distortion and an impressive 35mm diameter copper-clad aluminum voice coil to cope with the high output power.

Vented poles are additionally used to alleviate back pressure distortion
allowing better handling of high-power input and increased output capability with minimal power compression as well reducing moving mass and on-axis beaming.

Fluid Audio Image 2 Reference studio monitor

The dual side firing 200mm (8”) woofers provide critically accurate low end to insure your mixes will fully translate to other playback systems. Fluid’s Vi-Bracer technology connects each woofer back to back internally locking the cabinet and drivers to each other. This contributes to stopping unwanted vibrations before they begin. Placing the woofers on the side further makes the footprint small and cabinet compact for ease of room placement.

Each woofer is powered by a Class-D 225W RMS amplifier that will give you enough headroom when you are mixing and when your demoing for your clients.

The lows are far-reaching and impactful.

Fluid Audio Image 2 IO

On the input side are both XLR and TRS analog inputs as well as AES/EBU XLR + SPDIF IN and THRU. Also present is a footswitch input that connects the included footpedal. The footpedal is used for switching between the default / SoundID Reference voicing and the internal cubemix mode. Cubemix mode enables users an alternative EQ curve that mimics popular small-scale, single full-range speakers allowing accurate dial-in of low end and midrange levels for even playback on many “bass challenged” devices. It further helps with the adjustment of vocals, nailing kickdrums and overall level balance.
The Image 2 supports uploading your room profile from Sonarworks SoundID Reference. ( A measuring microphone is needed) This enables the filter settings to be run on the embedded DSP platform built into the Image 2. All purchases of Image 2 will get a 60 days trial of SoundID Reference Multi-Channel after registration. For more info read our FAQ.
Using the USB port and our DCT software lets you upload the exported profiles from your OSX/Windows enabled device.
Additionally there are further adjustment options to HF Trim, MF Trim and LF Trim and the option to lift the GND.

Another important option provided allows users to turn off “stand by mode”; with the switch in the Auto On position the monitor will go to sleep after 45 min without use, and it will wake up by detecting any input signal. In the off position it will never go into standby mode.

We understand that the world of professional studio monitors offers a wide range of options at varying price points. At Fluid Audio, our aim with the Image 2 is to provide a high-impact and precise studio monitor with built-in room correction capabilities, all at a fraction of the cost compared to our competitors. We believe in the power of hearing and invite you to experience firsthand how the Image 2 stands out from the rest in terms of features and benefits. The rave reviews we’ve received confirm that the Image 2 has successfully achieved all the crucial audio benchmarks, making it the ultimate studio monitor solution for any studio size and audio reproduction requirement.

For technical specifications and more info please visit Image 2 product page.

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