Fluid Audio Focus Headphone Mixing & Playback System
Including dSONIQ Realphones Software (Fluid Audio Edition)

Fluid Audio has taken its years of experience perfecting studio monitor designs and now offers a studio-grade, high-quality headphone mixing and playback system for mix engineers and music enthusiasts.

The Fluid Audio Focus headphone mixing and playback system is the result of the synergy between Fluid’s extensive expertise with audio hardware and dSONIQ Realphones expertise with audio playback software.
The Focus system’s headphones have a semi-closed back, over-ear sleek design for studio tracking, mixing, mastering, and casual listening.
They use 50mm neodymium magnet drivers with lightweight diaphragms to deliver an extremely detailed and responsive performance while remaining comfortable enough for hours of worry-free use.
The accompanying Realphones software provides a suite of virtual mixing rooms, several professional monitor choices – including Fluid’s own FX Series monitors, and a variety of eq and sonic adjustment options.
This allows mixing engineers a broad palette of choices on which they can create and check their mixes to ensure they’ll translate properly when played back on other systems.
Now you can mix accurately from anywhere you wish without the need of physical studio monitors or professional mixing suites.
This platform is equally suitable in physical studios because it allows mixing engineers an easy solution to check their mixes virtually across numerous mixing set-ups. Whether you have a full studio and need to check your mixes in other mixing suites or opt to fully mix on headphones, the Focus system delivers the tools you need for both, making it a truly versatile and flexible option for any mix engineer.

Price: $69 / €69

  • 50mm neodymium magnet speaker drivers
  • Balanced and articulate response
  • Solid metal/plastic construction, comfortable and durable
  • Semi-open, circumaural design
  • Gold plated output connectors
  • Impedance : 32 ohm
  • Includes 3 meter / 10 ft 3.5mm cable
  • Includes travel pouch and 3.5mm to 6.3mm adapter

Includes dSONIQ Fluid Audio edition

DAW plugins VST (Win, Mac), VST3 (Win, Mac), AU (Mac), Standalone application.

Realphones Fluid Audio Edition (


Technical data

Frequency range: 20Hz-20kHz
Nominal sound pressure: > 90dB
Rated impedance: 32Ω
Driver size: 50mm neodymium
Acoustic design: Semi-open, circumaural
Max Power: 300 mW
Connector: 3.5mm with 6.3mm adaptor
Nominal headband pressure: 3.5Nm
Transducer type: Dynamic
Nominal THD: < 0.2%
Cable length : 3 meters