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Press Reviews

Inside Audio Fluid Audio FX80 Review

Inside Audio Review The FX80

The team at Inside Audio tested our FX80 and loved it, watch the full review video clicking the image below.
Sound On Sound Image 2 Review

Sound On Sound : Image 2 review

Phil Ward at Sound On Sound has reviewed the Image 2 3-way studio monitor. Quote:"Its outstanding bass and ability to play loud,...
SRI-2 Review by AskAudio

AskAudio : Fluid Audio’s SRI-2 too good to be true?

Matt at AskAudio took the SRI-2 for a spin with this question in mind; "When the ‘boss of all bosses’ around here at Ask.Audio...
Z-Reviews Image 2 Part 1

Z Reviews : Image 2 review Part 1

Quote: They are one of my favorite speakers. Imaging is the strongest I ever heard. I am addicted to the f%£&+?$ speakers."
Bonedo.de Image 2 Review

Bonedo.de : Image 2 review

Felix at Bonedo.de har reviewed the Image 2 3-way studio monitor. Quote:"The Fluid Audio Image 2 is a successful entry into the...
Production Expert Review Fliud Audio SRI-2

Production Expert : Using The Fluid Audio SRI-2 As A Monitor Control

The team over at Production Expert took the Fluid SRI-2 for a spin in their studio set-up as a monitor control, this is what...
Z Review Image 2

Z Reviews : Image 2 review Part 2

Quote: I yearn for the day when I can go to an audio show and I know every single speaker in every single room sounds even close...
Musictech review Focus

MusicTech Give Focus Headphones The Thumbs Up! 🎧

If you are looking for some new headphones for your studio and want to make sure they deliver the right sound then check out our...
Amazona.de Image 2 Review

Amazona.de : Image 2 review

Jörg at Amazona.de har reviewed the Image 2 3-way studio monitor.  Quote:"The first thing you notice when listening to it is the...

Why Choose Fluid Audio?

It started by us producing great-sounding studio monitors. 

We exist to help musicians and creators, and producers make great music using a variety of tools. Our speakers, audio interface, microphone, headphones, and other accessories offer best-in-class performance and excellent value for money, but without compromise. This is why music producers around the world choose our products. Our users range from those just starting to Grammy and Emmy-winning producers, mixers and engineers.

Our studio monitor range is designed to meet a wide variety of applications, from the deep lows of a Hip Hop mix to the soaring highs of a classical recording. In addition, our speaker design know-how is now being applied to bring great studio microphones, headphones and audio interfaces with the same best-in-class design. Whatever your need, you’ll be stunned by the sound and surprised by the cost!

We’ve received fantastic reviews of our products from some of the most respected publications in the studio world; check them out here.

Point Source Monitoring

Fluid Audio FX80 Coaxial Monitor

“Auditioning new monitors isn’t something I like to do often, but it’s comforting to know that there are affordable options out there that can produce good results. At this price point (a mere third of what I paid for my other pair of monitors) the FX80s definitely exceeded my expectations.”

Image 2 Reference Monitor

” Bass is epic, with great bandwidth extension and a near flawless ability to stop and start and reproduce pitch unambiguously.
High volume at low frequencies is no trouble for the Image 2 either.
It just laughs in the face of the volume control..”


Reference Monitor

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