Klokkereint 9.1.4 Atmos

Sven Andréen / Klokkereint studios

is a Norwegian audio engineer, producer and musician working in beautiful surroundings with a killer view from his studio Klokkereint, in Gjøvik.

Playing the drums from an early age in bands and genres ranging from folk to electronica and rock’n’roll has set his sonic standards over the years. He has worked with many profiled artists and bands both as a musician and a recording, mixing and/or mastering audio engineer for the past decade and a half. Lukas Kasha, Venke Knutson, Samsaya, Shaun Bartlett, Gabrielle, Magne Furuholmen (a-ha), Tristania, El Caco, Father Robin, Jon Balke, Bjarte Eike, Audun Kleive, Marilyn Mazur, Jason Rebello, Jacob Young and Per Mathisen – to name a few. ,

Sven has mixed music for the big screen and various commercials in his studio, Klokkereint. He is also the man behind the ever growing indie label Klokketru, working with everything from well established artists and bands to new and curious songwriters that have never set foot in a studio before. Klokkereint has a certain zen-like atmosphere and is considered a safe space for creativity, which can be heard in the many recordings to come out of this studio.

Sven works in both stereo and immersive audio (Dolby Atmos – 9.1.4), with numerous exciting releases in immersive audio in the pipeline.

His setup is based on Fluid Audio Image 2 for mains and surround + FX80 height channels.


Klokkereint 9.1.4 Atmos
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