There is a wide variety of small practice amps available for guitars in today’s market. While many have a standard appearance or try to replicate the look of traditional amps, they typically share a common feature—they sit on a desk or table, connect to a power source, and include an input for your guitar cable.

In contrast, the Strum Buddy diverges from the classic guitar amplifier design, boasting a unique appearance. Its distinctive form aligns with its functionality, and its standout feature, in addition to its impressive sound quality, is its provision of FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT for guitar players.

Recalling the days of live performances before wireless technology, the analogy highlights the limitations of being tethered to an amplifier on stage by a guitar cable. The advent of wireless guitar and microphone systems revolutionized this, allowing artists to elevate their performances without concerns of tripping over cables.

The Strum Buddy, powered by an internal rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery, offers a similar freedom. Connecting to it like any other amp with the included guitar cable, its integrated suction cup allows it to adhere directly to your guitar’s body. This unique feature enables players to move around while playing, whether for leisure or essential rehearsals, providing a LIBERATING experience. This attribute contributes significantly to the Strum Buddy’s popularity.

Mounting to your guitar using a rubber suction cup, the Strum Buddy is a 6W guitar amplifier, powered by an internal rechargeable battery. It not only lets you hear and monitor your electric guitar, but allows you to play through the onboard guitar effect sounds: Crunch distortion, Chorus and Reverb.

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6 watts


Clean, Chorus, Distortion, Reverb

Driver Size

40mm with neodymium magnet

Battery usage

Up to 4 hours

In the box

Guitar cable ( 6.3mmto 3.5 mm mono jack)
USB-A to Micro USB charging cable

Dimensions (WxH)

55 x 70.5 mm

Unit weight

194 grams / 0.43lbs

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