There is a diverse range of small practice amps available for guitars, each with its unique features. While many resemble standard amps or emulate the appearance of traditional models, the Fluid Audio Strum Buddy stands out, particularly with its Metal Edition. Unlike classic guitar amplifiers, the Strum Buddy, including its Heavy Metal Edition, deviates from the norm and is celebrated for its distinct design and exceptional sound quality.

The standard Strum Buddy allows for freedom of movement, akin to wireless performance setups, liberating guitar players from being tethered to their amplifiers by cables. This experience has contributed to its popularity in the market.

The Metal Edition of the Strum Buddy, is specifically tailored for those seeking a heavier, more metal-oriented sound. Featuring stick-on capabilities, an internal rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery, and an integrated suction cup for attachment to the guitar body, the Strum Buddy Metal Edition ensures both convenience and a unique playing experience.


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Additional information


Black with Chrome grill


6 watts


Clean, Overdrive, Phaser, Reverb

Driver Size

40mm with neodymium magnet

Battery usage

Up to 4 hours

In the box

Guitar cable ( 6.3mmto 3.5 mm mono jack)
USB-A to Micro USB charging cable

Dimensions (WxH)

55 x 70.5 mm

Unit weight

194 grams / 0.43lbs

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